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  365 medical :As the conference Chairman, is there any background, meaning or highlights you want to introduce? What’s the role that this conference playing in the development of national Neurorestoratology?

  Professor shi-qing feng :It is a great honor to be the host of this great
conference. Since Neurorestoratology was set up in 2007, IANR have pushed its fast developing and growing. The theoretical system of Neurorestoratology has been further improved. Neurorestorative mechanisms have been deeply understood and neurorestorative therapeutic strategies have been more explored. We have tried our best to make Ninth Annual Conference of IANR as an important event of Neurorestoratology in 2016. It will be an authority conference which provides platform for all physicians and scientists related with neurorestoration in the world. Top experts of Neurorestoratology will share their new exploration, new results of clinical trials or studies to attendees by neurorestorative therapeutic methods. Additional, the clinical neurorestorative therapeutic guideline will be farther discussed and approved during the conference. IANR will continue being held to encourage young scholars to pursue their study in Neurorestoratology. The conference also includes the Third annual conference of neurorestoratology professional committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association (NRPC) & the third National Spine and Spinal Cord Basic Research and Clinical Innovative Technology congress. This is real a good chance for the Chinese physicians and scientists to share ideas and learn new scientific gains.

  365 medical :Neurorestoratology is a Focus problem for all scholars, please share us the current situation of neurorestoratology in China and the world.

  Professor shi-qing feng :With numerous difficulties and challenges, neurorestoratology is still a very hard and important task for all physicians and scientists not only in China but also around the world. The theoretical system has been further improved but undefined. We have attempted kinds of methods for therapy which include cell therapy,neuromodulation and neuroprosthesis, tissue engineering and bioengineering,neurorestorative pharmacotherapy or surgery, neurorehabilitation and so on. Until now, we just can say a little mechanism has been discovered and little therapeutic effect has been harvested. The good news is that more and more physicians and scientists have recognized and accepted a new concept, that is, “Functional recovery is possible after CNS injury and neurodegeneration”. That means for the final goal, we are looking for the way and facing a long journey to go.

  365 medical :As we know, as the Vice-president of International Association of Neurorestoratology and chairman of Translational Medicine Committee of IANR, you have do a lot of work about basic researches, clinical trial and related education. What’s your plan of talent cultivation in the future?

  Professor shi-qing feng :It is gratifying to note that the agenda of the conference covers a wide range of very interesting topics relating to the basic research and clinical technology of spine and spinal cord injury, especially those directly related to aspects of translational medicine. These three fields play very important role in the neurorestoratology. What’s more, the conference does be held to encourage young scholars to pursue their study in Neurorestoratology. In the future, we should pay more attention to the young scholars, give more chances, offer more resources, and provide larger platforms. They are the future and the hope.
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